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The Eternal Sleep

 (June 28, 2024)


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Track Listing

1) Buried In You
2) Tell Me Mama
3) The Setting Sun
4) Passage
5) Let It Go
6) New Day Sun
7) The Eternal Sleep
8) Shut The Punk Up

Hit Single "Firefly"


Nominated for "Best Rock Performance" 2020 I.P.M.A. Awards 

(International Portuguese Music Awards)

"Spinning the single for the first time, I stopped dead in my tracks. Triggering those endorphins that were tantalized last time around, “A Matter Of Time” brought on an all-out assault of goosebumps just a few seconds into the song. And while any new music from Black Suit Devil will earn your attention quickly, those familiar with the atmospheric and slow, melodic folk-rock may be caught off guard here."

- Great Dark Wonder 
  April 2019

A Matter of Time



A Matter of Time Album Cover.jpg

"Black Suit Devil effortlessly sets himself apart from his peers and his past work alike on this brilliant release. Few could deliver such a contrasting record while maintaining a sense of cohesiveness, yet this is achieved and stands as an integral part of the artistry behind the album. Ultimately, A Matter Of Time stands as an incredible achievement for Black Suit Devil as he continues to push the boundaries and possibilities for independent singer-songwriters."


Black Suit Devil Canadian Beats Review

“A Matter Of Time” is a remarkable new album from Black Suit Devil; one that shares the genetics of “The Freedom Sessions,” yet simultaneously looks ahead with a noticeable maturity in sound, content, and the confidence of this band.  Andy Du Rego surrounds himself with a talented ensemble to create this second chapter in Black Suit Devil’s musical legacy, with hints of much more yet to come. 

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"... Right from the opening title track, “A Matter of Time”, you get the feel for this album. The smooth acoustics, the excellent horn section, and soulful piano. But then the vocals cover in, dark, deep, gritty and amazing. Black Suit Devil’s voice is something I haven’t heard in so long and it caught me off guard with how different it is, but that’s a good thing. In this music industry, unique voices get the right ears and this one got me within seconds...

This album is something you need to check out as I can tell you it’s something you’ve rarely heard before."

The Freedom Sessions



black suit devil the freedom sessions

“ Du Rego offers me instant comparisons to the folk-roots elements of the likes of early Fogerty, Springsteen and

even Young. With his raw, emotional delivery and outpouring of his soul during “Fumble,” Du Rego demonstrates

that he is worthy of being named in such good company”

Black Suit Devil Canadian Beats Review

"Black Suit Devil – “Fumble”
-It’s just a strummed guitar and a whispered vocal. I know. Trust me I get it. But holy hell does this guy have soul in his voice. Sometimes you don’t hear a song so much as you feel it. This is an incredible song and stands out like a lighthouse beacon on a dark night for us. The Kensrue-esque sincerity and delivery made fans of us right away. We’ll be watching this fella’s career for sure."

“ I can’t help but feel a connection between The Freedom Sessions December 2017

and the solo acoustic performances of Chris Cornell;

the raw expression of the soul, the unconventional and brilliant songwriting

over a performance of powerful vocals and guitar...”


"Q&A with Black Suit Devil: Heavy Metal Inspiration Meets Folk Roots Songwriting

SC: What is the origin of your name; Black Suit Devil?

ADR: Black Suit Devil is a name that I came up with as a representation of the Corporate elite. The powers that control the world and continue to exploit it and humanity, strangle holding us all from becoming a unified peaceful world. My lyrical content touches a lot on injustice, inequality, and corporate greed."


black suit devil the freedom sessions
A Matter of Time Album Cover.jpg


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