" Now and then, you find, almost magically, a clear voice – a song writer of authentic courage and purpose, who dares call us to stand up to these turbulent times with hope and fearlessness. Such a songwriter is known as BLACK SUIT DEVIL."

-  Douglas McLean 88.7 FM The Bay

earshot! National Chart Appearances

CHSR         Top 10                                       Oct.24 2017

CHSR         Top 30                                      Oct.31 2017

CFBX          Top 30                                      Nov.27 2018

CFBX          Folk/Roots/Blues Top 10          Dec.4 2018


"A Matter of Time" 

November 15, 2019

Heart Of SinBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 04:42
FireflyBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 04:03
A Matter Of TimeBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 03:51

"Black Suit Devil effortlessly sets himself apart from his peers and his past work alike on this brilliant release. Few could deliver such a contrasting record while maintaining a sense of cohesiveness, yet this is achieved and stands as an integral part of the artistry behind the album. Ultimately, A Matter Of Time stands as an incredible achievement for Black Suit Devil as he continues to push the boundaries and possibilities for independent singer-songwriters."

"“A Matter Of Time” is a remarkable new album from Black Suit Devil; one that shares the genetics of “The Freedom Sessions,” yet simultaneously looks ahead with a noticeable maturity in sound, content, and the confidence of this band.  Andy Du Rego surrounds himself with a talented ensemble to create this second chapter in Black Suit Devil’s musical legacy, with hints of much more yet to come. "

"The Freedom Sessions "


FumbleBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 05:27
DreamsBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 04:55
Blind ManBlack Suit Devil
00:00 / 07:33

Main St.- Black Suit Devil Trio (Live)

Jolene - Black Suit Devil

(Live Ray LaMontagne Cover)

Who is Black Suit Devil?

Black Suit Devil is a Folk Rock & Roots project fronted by Singer-Songwriter Andy Du Rego. 

A project with many incarnations, Black Suit Devil is primarily a Solo project with Andy Du Rego

on Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, and his signature vocal styling which offers

rasp, grit, and throat-singing harmonics. 

Black Suit Devil brings in an array of musicians for Duo, Trio, and Full Band performances. 

"...The outstanding combination of acoustic-soul and roots music, along with

Du Rego’s well-crafted lyrics and subtle inclusion of various social and political issues, both provoke awareness and foster a deeper connection with the sharp intellect of this artist. " 

-Great Dark Wonder

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Guinness World Record Black Suit Devil
Newmarke Music Festival Black Suit Devil

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Andy Du Rego



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