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June 28, 2024



Andy Passage Cover Art.png

 "The timing of this single could not be any better once you hear those well-timed April showers that open. Fulfilling a desire to dive into his grunge rock roots, Andy’s raspy vocals blast slowly and melodically from the speakers with a distinct early 90s alt-rock vibe, accompanied by some era-appropriate guitar cries that will make fans of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden sit up and take notice. I’m detecting some Queensryche cues in the pacing here too, perhaps even a little David Gilmour influence in the guitar solo. Du Rego has never been shy about using music as a vessel for raising awareness surrounding mental health issues, addiction, homelessness, and depression – and taps into the subject matter perfectly once more."

"As someone who has strugged with depression, “Passage” feels personal. It’s as if Black Suit Devil ripped thoughts from my mind when my depression was at its strongest and placed them within his gut wrenching and viscerally raw lyrics.

But what is beautiful is that in its heartbreaking confession, Black Suit Devil has created, no, he has gifted a tether to those who may be losing hope and a light to those who see no way through the darkness. And while the lyrics offer solace to let others know they are not alone, it’s the vocals that truly let one know there are others not only like them, but others there for them.

Through his gritty and passionate vocals, Black Suit Devil embodies the resillnce and strength of those who fight their inner demons day after fucking day, and he, like so many others continue to triumph over the darkness, proving that the human spirit no matter how fragile at times is stronger than the mind.

Black Suit Devil pours out his heart and exposes his soul in “Passage” and delivers an urgent message to those who want to give up the fight…Black Suit Devils pleads for them to hold on and fight, to not give up, or give in to the inner demons they are battling."

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